Welcome to the Poetry Pin Project

A geo-located repository of original site-specific poetry.

Tether your words and poems in local spaces to resonate with your community. Choose from the current trails below or get in touch to create your own for your festival, neighbourhood, poetry group, town or park in fact poetry pin can tether poetry anywhere under the sky. Just walk with your mobile phone in the host location to both pin and reveal Poems.

Poetry Pin Channels

What is Poetry Pin?

Poetry Pin is a simple concept tethering text to trails. You can write poetry and post it, then walk the trail to reveal it. You can also walk the path to author and post right from the trail. But here is the trick, you will only be able to read other poets' words in location, on the trail, where they pinned them! This is made possible with this bespoke mobile web-app developed especially for Poetry Pin.

Poetry Pin Publication

The Poetry Pin publication called A Walk Down the Rift (Fly Catcher Press) celebrates a year of walking, reading and writing besides Somerset's greatest imposition.

Photograph of A Walk Down the Rift books
A Walk Down the Rift: Poems from the great Somerset Imposition is available to buy from Seven Fables.