Mineral Line Focus Walk

Number six and final focus walk along the mineral line, with stunning weather.img_2244

Workshop walkers were challenged with both reading and writing as we walked, plus the traditional ‘word shells’ adding that extra confusion to the days deliberations.


At the witches tree, compositions began in earnest.


Witch’s Tree
The shells of which you weekly bring
and hang upon me with a string
are all it takes to make me think
I grow aslant the glassy drink.
Matt Bryden

Finally down to the exhibition at Contains Art’s courtyard, which will remain in situ throughout Somerset Art Week. (17th September – 2nd August 2016)


Poems from the trail fly in the wind around the courtyard, each poem is digitally accessible in full, the exhibition highlights and points to the posted poems.


Both trails will remain open indefinitely, receiving new poems and words and tagging them to the landscape for others to read and enjoy.

If you would like to host a poetry pin trail, or have a festival which would benefit from this technology then please get in touch. New projects which push the boundaries of new writing possibilities are just our cup of tea.

But in the mean time here is a poem tethered around the East Quay in Watchet next to the boat yard and harbour where the poems fly upon the sea breeze.


The lamenting song of land hobbled yachts

Soft twang of mast wire tremmels as the winds lift

Yacht masts twitch, itching to be about

Their hulls eager to crest over turgid silt ridden surf

Time to play, the wind chimes and toys

Whipping at harp strings

Master strokes


Come play

Come play

Leave your lubbers behind

Shed your tethers

And be free with me

Come fill your bow sprits

Jive your jibs and sheet those aching ribs


Ting ting

Christopher Jelley