Vision On Poetry

A busy couple of weeks has just passed with Poetry Pin having a great article in The Poetry Society Newspaper as well as a stall and platform at the Visit Exeter launch at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum with partners Daisi – Arts Inspired Learning.

Poetry Society News – Mr Jelley of Poetry Pin

The Poetry Society News is a quarterly paper specifically for members with competitions and awards for works across the country, so it is amazing to have an article about my contribution to the poetry world. Connecting to professionals and possible collaborators is essential and I am really excited to see what interest and leads may come about through it.

In a similar but more immediate way, last week’s Visit Exeter launch was an event purely for providers in the city, and again an excellent networking event but obviously focused specifically on Exeter providers. The night was designed for businesses to show each other what they do for the city, so it was great to be there with Daisi, my Exeter Poetry Pin partners.

Our stand included pin medallions, depicting poems published to the city since Exeter Poetry Pin went live in January. It was great to be able to use such a fresh resource, illustrating the depth and breadth of interest the writing community has here, but the real key connections came in the form of Exeter Red Coats, Exeter’s enigmatic tour guides. These knowledgeable ambassadors have a truly street level perspective on the cities historic layers and so a digital addition with Poetry Pin could perhaps provide a new string to add to their professional bow. When we chatted it was obvious their interest was piqued, and we really hope they will embrace Exeter Poetry Pin and help spread the word of this virtual poetry city.

So there is plenty more for Poetry Pin and Daisi to do, raising awareness of the creative possibilities across Exeter as the seasons warm. As the joy of walking becomes less about dodging the cold showers and more about appreciating this fabulous place, perhaps you will be enticed to leave a token few words in your favourite corner of the city too.

If you are considering a poetry pin for your city or festival then please do get in touch, it can add a brilliant new creative cultural layer, shining light on old places in new ways.