Exeter Re-Boot artists and Exeter Poetry Pin

Behind the scenes over the past few months long designed plans have been starting to come to fruition with respects to the Exeter Poetry Pin and the Royal Clarence fire on the Cathedral Green. Daisi – the Devon Arts Consortium have been putting a team of artists together including Poetry Pins’ Mr Jelley to create a new set of works which will be ready for the second anniversary of the fire in autumn this year.

Last week all five artists finally came together to begin this process with the company of Todd Gray who unraveled the history around St Martins Parish, the block of medieval buildings of which the Royal Clarence was one. It was an incredibly enlightening and essential session with reams of notes being taken by all the artists as a great basis and grounding to begin the Re-Boot project works.

In autumn, after all the workshops have been completed Cara Roxanne will create a hoarding (possibly three) to go on the fence which surrounds the building site of the fire on Cathedral Green. These large banner prints are to include augmented elements which will come to life when scanned with your phone, revealing details of the workshops through slide shows and films cleverly triggered by the static images.

Exeter Poetry Pin will be integrated also, firstly through the workshops and secondly during this exhibition to encourage people to add words to the Exeter landscape, especially around the Cathedral Green and St Martins Parish island area. The Exeter Poetry Pin is live and has some beautiful poetry tagged across the city, it is free to use and add your own words which become tagged to the very location you are stood.

Open https://exeter.poetrypin.info on your phone whilst in the city and see how many poems you can hunt out.

The Re-Boot project is being spearheaded by Daisi – Devon Arts – and for a link for schools who want to be involved and host some of the workshops click this link here.


The artists commissioned are and in order of images depicted


Tanya Morel – Artist printmaker and actor


Cara Roxanne – Illustrator / Multimedia artist


James Lake – Sculptor


Monica Shanta Brown – Multimedia artist


Christopher Jelley – Poet technologist plus Poetry Pin