On a wing and a wheel

A peddling poet showing off her recently stamped poetry passport
at The Glorius Oyster, Instow.

Incredibly we are past the 200 poem marker now, with new compositions pinned by pupils, walkers and riders along the Tarka Trail almost daily. It has also been very heartening to talk to the cafe owners who are hosting the Stamping Stations about their feedback from customers. Are people asking where the stamping stations are? are they asking for passports?

Well the quick answer is yes, generally they are loving it (and whats not to love!) So with new poems being posted, stamping stations being visited and new passports being requested and issued, I think we can safely say that we are finally on our way.

So this is the most recent poem pinned to the trail by Sarah Connor (thankyou). For me it has all the great attributes for a pinned poem, written in the place it was posted, reflecting the natural surroundings through word and rhythm, and nice and succinct.

This boat’s not going anywhere
Stuck in the mud as the tide went out
Ribs intact, skin all cracked,
Beams burnt black, deck peeled back
River weeds are taking hold
In the hold.

The location for this poem is just north of East The Water along the Tarka Trail, at the point where houses finally give way and the estuary opens out in all its tidal glory. Go hunt it out with friends and family and post your own for others to find.

New poems can be posted at any time along the Tarka Trail, just open this link on your mobile phone. But remember that your new words will be tagged and pinned to the place you are standing. Peddling Passports are available from the Cafes along the trail and each cafe has their own unique stamp.

Tarka Trail Poetry Pin link – https://tarkatrail.poetrypin.info

Stamping poetry passports at The Burton Art Gallery, Bideford during a workshop.