Terms of Use

Poetry Pin is an art medium, it is a place of creativity.

It is a place which exists inside the conventional boundaries of UK statute but this does not limit its scope for brave dialogue or a broad spectrum of views.

Poetry Pin will endeavour to review content of this site in accordance with UK law, any content which is deemed in appropriate for all ages will be rejected. We ask all users to abide by this and flag content which is not compliant.

When poetry is submitted to the site it is digitally filtered for profanity and inappropriate words during publishing.

Consent for all ages. Currently we expect all ages to read and write the poetry posted in this project, and we are keen that new authors, ready to be excited by the written word, should not be excluded from this project.

We reserve the right to withdraw poetry for any reason, these may be for artistic or curatorial and no offence is meant to you by this, nor should it be implied.

New Poetry - The Poetry Pin project embraces new words, this is not a repository for the fabulous works of history, these are readily available through a myriad of channels already. Poetry submitted here should be fresh and new, you must be the author, or have full consent from the author to publish.

Copyright - Poetry copyright remains with the writer, though consent for publication on Poetry Pin (here) and future Poetry Pin Publications is granted in the act of submission.

Views - The views expressed in the poetry are those solely of the Artists and Authors.