What will you bring to the table?

Been a fab year 2019 for Poetry Pin, we had brilliant support from Arts Council England and Beaford.org to deliver the Tarka Trail Poetry Pin trail but we feel the real work is just only beginning. We are looking forward to new poetry plans and possibilities for new trails and channels in 2020. 

So here is our proposal, we would like to set up a batch of new Poetry Pins in new places for free – perhaps festivals or parks, perhaps in places where there are changes coming, vistas changing, celebrations, destabilisations, responses from the heart, from the head and from the heel. 

There are so many good reasons why new poetry must be geo-tagged and pinned to place.

But where, with who, why and when? 

What place should have a poetry pin zone, what landscape deserves one and what is it about that place which would make anyone react / interact / respond / reply? 

Where are you considering, with what community should you be engaging, should we engage with? And what’s really stopping you, I mean really, are you an organiser, a poet, an activist, a literacy festival? Does your community have words to post, do you have something to say, isn’t it time you made a bread crumb trail of your voice, or caught feedback within the landscape of your event, or just asked your punters to respond with their words for others to hunt and enjoy.

So this coming spring, we are going to be setting up a raft of new channels for free across the country and we are not just limited to the UK, we can make poetry channels anywhere and everywhere.

Are you interested? or know a group who would like to publish their works to the earth? Just get in touch, tell us how it could or should work for you and we’ll see what we can do. If we like your plan then we’ll set up the channel, you’ll need to fill it with words and dialogue too (it won’t fill itself you know!) 

You’ll need to manage the submissions and spread the word that your channel is open for poetry. But the system is pretty simple; people can add new poems direct from their phone into your chosen zone (cleverly the pins are added to the location the author is stood) plus you can hunt out poems already pinned. Have a look at the live channels to see how it all works.

So, we’ll make the space for you, set up a unique Poetry Pin channel in your chosen location but what will you bring to the table?