A Walk in the Park

Sunday 12th June 2022 saw the writing workshop in Dunster Deer Park, one of the more recent Poetry Pin channels with currently over 80 poems tagged to the park for visitors to hunt and find.

We met at the grass labyrinth near Gallox Bridge and did a quick ‘tech check’ to make sure all had their phones open at the correct poetry pin trail. Initially signal was sketchy for one (O2) but enough to get going, then we were off into the forest to lose ourselves in words and observations.

The group had no qualms about writing, but a few initial ones about the rules of what a poem actually was. Apparently Samuel Taylor Coleridge specified this over 200 years ago by stipulating that poems are ‘the best words in the best order’ with prose being just ‘the best words’! We discussed this for a while before the sounds and views along with the flora and fauna of the park distracted us into writing.

By the end of our wander several compositions were pinned to the park.

Mounds blister the pony-bitten turf,
Dry pedestals for speedwells, tormentil, bedstraw and mouse eared hawkweed;
Each hiding a catacomb of tunnels and chambers,
Construction of an industry of ants.
A rash of uncountable numbers pimple the sward,
Crowded and enterprising as a city,
In this peace of breeze and birdsong
Cloistered by ash trees.

Poem written and posted by Michelle Werrett
Writing in the Deer Park, Dunster

The next workshop is 14th August 2022 in Dunster Deer Park. This is an evening walk, we’ll meet at 4pm and then amble into the gathering dusk.

To book please RSVP here – https://www.sevenfables.co.uk/seven-fables-events